Private sessions


Inherence sessions are NOT psychotherapy or any form of therapy understood in the conventional way.


During the session you will be guided through 6 steps of the Inherence Process. The process helps your awareness to uncover your own emotional attachments to a particular issue you feel you have.

There is no need to analyze the problem itself, because the problem itself has no power. Our emotional attachment to it makes it alive and real.

Uncovering the unconscious motives that make the issue exist may be very surprising. On the surface we would never think that way, and yet it rules our world. These motives dwell on a deeper level of processing information and are different from emotional problems you are aware of in your thinking mind.

The Inherence Process in a simple way flushes them out.

By releasing your own emotional attachments and hidden motives, you automatically retrieve a disconnected part of you and bring it back to your essence. From the perspective of your essence the initial issue simply does not exist, and never did. The feeling of a reconnected deeper Self is a powerful state.

The amount of sessions you may need depends on how complex the issue is you wish to work on, and how many emotional attachments we uncover on the path.

Sessions take place online via Zoom. The link is provided in the email after the session is booked and paid.

2 hour session – $300
Package of 8 hours – $1100



The Inherence Process is a result of an independent work and discovery, and so far has brought phenomenal effects. However, it has NOT been researched nor approved by any official academic or medical institution. By agreeing to participation in sessions you take full responsibility for your own wellbeing.