Katarzyna Dodd and Ewa Filipkowska have been working for many years in expanded states of awareness, exploring the depths of human consciousness and the path connecting the intellectual dimension with the dimension of deep feeling. From this work the Inherence Process emerged. It is a path of integrating the disconnected pieces of the deeper Self, and bringing them home.


Katarzyna Dodd is a clinical psychologist educated and licensed in the EU. She received her second MA degree, in theology, at CTU, Chicago. She expands her practice beyond conventional training using methods of working with the emotional levels of the human being that exceed those of mainstream therapy. She is the co-creator of the Inherence® Process, a simple but powerful modality that opens human consciousness to deeper dimensions of everyday existence. She is the author of the book You Are the Dream of the Universe.

“Nothing is more fascinating to me than getting to know and expanding the self-awareness. I see its presence everywhere: in my relationships, at work, in nature, in life changes, in other people, and also in washing dishes and pulling weeds in the garden. This phenomenon amazes me constantly.”

“When I was 8 I already knew why I did come here on Earth. That summer I got sick and spent 2 weeks in the children hospital. When I was leaving with my mom, I stopped in the parking lot, looked back and said to her: ‘One day I will come back here and help everyone in there to get better.’ Everything I have done or chosen since then supported this goal. Results are astonishing. And there is more to discover and share.”

Ewa Filipkowska is a spiritual teacher, life-coach and hypnotherapist. She is the creator of the Return to Heart Portal modality, that is referred to as “meeting yourself”, connecting to awakened consciousness, where the inner knowing is naturally available. She is also the co-creator of the Inherence Process, a simple and robust method that places the awareness in a perfectly synchronized place, often called the “zero point.” Her qualifications were acquired in England by completing The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. She is also a certified bioenergetic therapist and Psych-K practitioner. She conducts online sessions and provides consultations via WhatsApp / Skype / telephone.

“I’ve always felt like a wanderer, a seeker living in an endless pursuit of truth, freedom and limitlessness. I discovered that, amongst many paths, the one that I’ve been truly looking for, leads inwards. There is a particular point in the human consciousness, which upon reaching makes the mind sort itself out. Thanks to this, it’s possible to gain access to a completely different perception. I call this “meeting yourself”, or the evolution of awakened consciousness. I can’t compare this feeling to anything else. I find there inner peace, dignity, power, authenticity, and the feeling of having come home…”