Ewa Filipkowska

Ewa Filipkowska is a spiritual teacher, life-coach and hypnotherapist. She is the creator of the Return to Heart Portal modality, that is referred to as “meeting yourself”, connecting to awakened consciousness, where the inner knowing is naturally available. She is also the co-creator of the Inherence Process, a simple and robust method that places the awareness in a perfectly synchronized place, often called the “zero point.” Her qualifications were acquired in England by completing The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. She is also a certified bioenergetic therapist and Psych-K practitioner. She conducts online sessions and provides consultations via WhatsApp / Skype / telephone.

“I’ve always felt like a wanderer, a seeker living in an endless pursuit of truth, freedom and limitlessness. I discovered that, amongst many paths, the one that I’ve been truly looking for, leads inwards. There is a particular point in the human consciousness, which upon reaching makes the mind sort itself out. Thanks to this, it’s possible to gain access to a completely different perception. I call this “meeting yourself”, or the evolution of awakened consciousness. I can’t compare this feeling to anything else. I find there inner peace, dignity, power, authenticity, and the feeling of having come home…”