You Are the Dream of the Universe

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This workshop is a practical application of the book “You Are the Dream Of the Universe”. The book clearly explains the structures of the Inner Child and Inner Parent. It helps to understand and see how crucial the integration of these two structures is. Inner peace, harmony and joy of life depend directly on this union of the Self, and there is no way around it. However, when it comes to applying this intellectual knowledge in everyday reality, many people ask the question “But HOW do I do it?” Everyday stress, demanding situations, life problems and old behavioral patterns take over, and all the enlightened intellectual knowledge suddenly becomes inaccessible; we feel, behave and do the same things – again.

Often, there is a long distance from the level of intellectual knowledge to the level of feeling and behaving. It all depends on how many false beliefs, generational emotional patterns and personal attachments to unconscious material people encounter on the path connecting the intellectual dimension with the dimension of deep feeling. In other words, how ready the Inner Parent really is to meet, accept and embrace the Inner Child. The truth usually surprises.

Ewa Filipkowska and I have been working for many years in expanded states of awareness, exploring the depths of human consciousness and the mentioned earlier path “from above to below”. From this work the Inherence process emerged. It is a path of integrating the disconnected pieces of your deeper Self, and bringing them home.

The Inherence Process is a very powerful yet simple modality that you can compare to a straight tunnel with guideposts that safely moves you out of a “bad land” to a new land of light and Inner Power. You finally feel and experience what awakening truly is, instead of only understanding it.

The purpose of this workshop is to teach you the Inherence Process, its different aspects and applications, so you can easily, almost intuitively, use it in your everyday life, even “on the spot”.


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